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Frequently Asked Questions

Most travellers visit friends or family in Australia, enjoy outdoor adventures in the outback, or study a specialised course to improve their career. However, the Australian visa process carries several requirements for all travellers to follow. 

Below are the most frequently asked questions about the Australia visa. 


  • All travellers, including minors, need a visa to enter Australia, apart from Australian and New Zealand passport holders
  • There are five main types of Australian visas: eVisitor, ETA, Visitor Visa, Working Holiday Visa, and Student Visa.
  • Travellers must meet health, character, and financial requirements to qualify for each Australian visa
  • Australia visa processing times vary on a case by case basis 

Do I Need A Visa To Travel To Australia? 

All travellers require an Australian visa except if you hold an Australian or New Zealand passport. 

You need an Australian visa to travel for tourism, business, study or employment. Minors should also have separate permits from their parents or guardians to travel to Australia regardless of their age. 

If you’re in transit through Australia, you won’t need a visa if you stay within the Australian airport for a layover of 8 hours or less. 

Which Type Of Australian Visa Should I Apply For? 

Australia offers a wide range of visas to suit every type of travel purpose. The most popular Australian visas are the e-Visitor visa, the Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) visa, the visitor visa, the working holiday visa, and the student visa. 

  1. The Australia E-visitor Visa (Subclass 651) 

This visa is the easiest for tourism and business trips to Australia. Travellers from European countries can apply for the eVisitor visa online, allowing for multiple entries to Australia.

If you hold a passport from the following countries, apply for the Australia eVisitor visa:

Andorra Finland Liechtenstein  Romania
Austria France Lithuania  San Marino 
Belgium Germany  Luxembourg  Slovakia
Bulgaria  Greece Malta Slovenia 
Croatia  Hungary  Monaco Spain
Cyprus Iceland Netherlands  Sweden
Czechia Ireland Norway Switzerland 
Denmark  Italy Poland United Kingdom 
Estonia Latvia Portugal Vatican

You can use the eVisitor visa for a stay of 3 months within 12 months. Note that you cannot have the eVisitor visa extended, so plan your holiday to Australia with this in mind. 

  1. ETA Visa (Subclass 601) 

The ETA is similar to the eVisitor visa in terms of validity. However, the Australia ETA visa is for travellers from the following countries:

United States  Brunei Japan Singapore 
Canada Hong Kong  Malaysia  South Korea 

You can extend the ETA visa by applying for the visitor visa below, but only if you’re already in Australia. 

  1. Visitor Visa (Subclass 600) 

This visa allows for a stay of up to one year in Australia. Apply for an Australian visitor visa if you plan to visit your family or friends, go on a cruise, or tour Australia for longer than three months. You cannot use the Visitor Visa to visit Australia for business or medical treatment. 

  1. Working Holiday Visa (Subclass 417)

This visa is a unique opportunity to visit Australia and work to fund your stay. It is open to travellers from Canada, France, and Ireland between 18 and 35 years old. 

With the working holiday visa, you can stay up to a year in Australia to study or do short-term work for three months in these approved industries: 

  • Hospitality and tourism in remote areas of Australia 
  • Farming 
  • Mining
  • Construction 
  • Fishing and pearling 
  • Critical Covid-19 work in healthcare
  • Bushfire recovery work

The working holiday visa allows you to qualify for more extended stays in Australia once you complete the specified work time. For example, if you successfully finish the first four months of working under this visa, you can apply for a second working holiday visa for a stay of up to 3 years. 

  1. Student Visa (Subclass 500) 

This visa allows you to study in Australia and work for a limited number of hours between your course. 

There are various types of student visas, like the subclass 590 student guardian visa for parents to visit their children studying in Australia or the subclass 407 training visa for work-based training courses to improve your career skills. 

If you’d like to attend a shorter period in Australia, opt for the visitor visa instead. 

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Screening process usually
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The Australian ETA

The ETA is an automatic authorization from the Australian government to get into Australia. To qualify for one, you must have a passport, and you should be coming from the acceptable countries by Australia.

With ETA at your disposal, you will legally visit Australia for up to three months for your tourism and recreation activities. Its total cost is $ 64.95. Note that it doesn’t allow you to have a prolonged stay in the country. So, if you want to stay longer, consider having an alternative visa that fits fulfills your intended reason for extending your stay.

The ETA and passport number in the application is operative, and you can utilize the identical passport on a trip to Australia. Upon obtaining a new Visa outside Australia, you must get a new ETA before travelling to Australia.

When travelling with your family members, they must have their ETA, including all minors. If you qualify for the ETA, you must hold a passport of an ETA unified country. However, amid the pandemic, the ETAs are on a temporal suspension.

Ensure that you visit the Australian government website frequently and to get the latest updates on the same. The primary benefit of ETA is that you can visit Australia numerous times for 12 months.

What to keep In Mind about the Australia Visa

When you are on a trip to Australia for tourism or business purposes, the e-Visitor Visa is the best option. It is not expensive and takes less time when you apply. However, you must confirm that you meet all the requirements before applying online.

Your passport must be active for more than six months after arriving in Australia and must indicate your citizenship. Always ensure that you have your Australian passport on you every time you visit or walk around the country.

Applying for a visa on the internet is a quick and easy process. Fill in the online application form correctly, and pay for it. The processing takes place as soon as you make payments. When your visa’s approval turns out successful, download it, and proceed with your visit to Australia.

When you are planning for a trip to Australia, apply for your visa first, and upon its approval, you can go ahead and book the trip. It is essential to submit your application for your Australian Visa two weeks before your departure. Even if the applications have delays, you will be on the safe side.

It takes around five days to approve your Australian Visa. However, there is an option of quick delivery, which takes an hour. You can only use this option when you absolutely have to make an urgent trip.

Other than your application, you can make a visa application on behalf of someone else. However, you must get consent from the traveller first. With their permission, while at it, fill in the form while reading it on their behalf.

There are instances when your application may fail to go through. The rejection happens when the information on the application form is incorrect. If that happens, then you can submit a new one.

If you fall ill just before your travel and have to on medication during the trip, note that there are explicit medicines that you can’t take to Australia. Should you carry medicine with you, check with the authorities to confirm whether or not you will require a special license for your prescription.

Screening process usually
takes between 1 – 72 hours

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